Friday, May 01, 2009

Science Center Fun!

In between church on last Sunday there was a special event at the Science Center so we took the kids. When we first got there we almost fainted when we saw the long line. They were telling us it was an hour and a half wait. What?? Then we saw that the line was moving fast and it ended up only being a half hour. We love science so we had so much fun exploring and there was 3 stories of the building to discover. We only got to see half of the place so there is still lots more to discover next time. :) There is one great pic of Chaz and Ryan using "Brain Power" to move a ball. It's a contest. Really though, its whoever can cause themselves to be calm and concentrate on the ball. The one who is able to get the ball to move into the other person's goal, wins. Chaz kept losing. You know, he's always stressed out! LOL. In the first two pics, you can see us waiting in the line. We had fun talking to people around us though. Two of my boys touched a cactus because they said they couldn't see any "pokies" on it. After they touched it they realized, mommy was right. You just don't ever touch a cactus.

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