Friday, May 15, 2009

Becoming a Mommy (And a Babysitter) The Hard Way

You know, when I was a teen, I said I would never babysit anymore. I didn't like it. Kids scared me and the church couldn't get me to do baby nursery to save my life. No way. In fact, I was such a kid magnet that when I walked in the church doors, all these kids would run towards me and scream "Jennyyyyyy"! Aaagghhh! Seriously, kids scared me. I knew maybe I wanted some... someday. But the thought scared me. In fact, when I got pregnant with my first, I was so terrified, I got scared every time I thought about it. I knew nothing about even changing diapers. I was so slow changing a diaper that Chaz would pee straight up in the air while I was trying to figure out the diaper. I was so sleep deprived but I felt guilty if I took a nap in the day so I wouldn't allow myself. Ha ha! Wow, don't ever do that first time moms. Just sleep while you can! I made it too hot in the house because I was afraid I was freezing my son to death. Now that I think about it, poor little guy would wake up sweaty because I did that. Sheesh. I cried on my Nurse Lactation Consultant's shoulder because I told her I had no idea what I was doing. She just hugged me and told me I'd get a hang of it, sooner or later. For now, just to concentrate on not being engorged and in pain from needing to let baby nurse so badly. Ha! So 8 years later (I'm counting from the time I figured out some basic concepts.... it took awhile), here I am. I've never NOT had a kid in diapers. I take naps when I get my chance, it's like getting beauty sleep for real. I don't mind babysitting, hence the picture you see of Desmond playing on the slide. He was with me the whole week... just because! I figured he'd have fun at our house. I got five kids, one on the way, so what's one more?? He had lots of fun and got spoiled with attention and love. He loved being around the boys. They loved him. I think kids are great and the adults are actually the scarier ones! LOL. No seriously, I could share with you so many crazy stories of my first year as a mom...but I will spare myself the humiliation.
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