Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day At Home

(By the way, that's Sparkling Cider in the pic. LOL).
This year I wanted to do something different for Mother's Day instead of going out to eat. I decided to make steak for my mom. My little girl had a fever so I had to stay home from church Sunday morning. I was bummed I couldn't be there for Sunday morning. Instead, my husband woke the other four kids up quietly in the morning so Ashley and I could rest. I never heard them so I was shocked when he kissed me goodbye and said Happy Mother's Day. They were super quiet! I got up, showered, and started on the meal for my mom. So I made steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad, snacks, and had pie. By the time they came the meal was all ready for them. :) I'm glad I got to do that for her. My dad worked on a clogged pipe under my sink later on that day (so nice!). Charles was gonna stay home with Ashley so I could go to the evening service at church but we started noticing that Ashley was sounding worse. Instead we took her to the ER, after we dropped off a rose and card for his mom (so much nicer to give in person). While waiting, I noticed the TV in the kid waiting area had no sound and since they haven't fixed it in years, I took some of it apart and started working on it. (I hate sitting around doing nothing). I got the sound working! The kids were happy and so were the staff. I come here often often so I really wanted it working so the kids are so bored when they are waiting. After the doctor saw Ashley, she got a breathing treatment and I was told she has Pnuemonia and a really bad ear infection. Poor Ashley! So I'm glad I took her in. She wasn't even crying about her ear. She was just miserable looking. So we headed to the store for her medicine and then straight home to lay the kids down just in time for Charles' friends to come over for fellowship. :) All in all, everything turned out great. I got to make my mom feel special on Mother's Day, we brought his mom a rose, card, and a hug. ;) We got to get Ashley her medicine so she'll feel better, and then fellowship with some buddies in the evening. It was a fantastic day. :D

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