Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dental Work in Mexico

Explaining pictures: That's the casino hotel we're staying at (not gambling though). I thought that "no guns" sign was hilarious because we all know there are lots of guns here. Just like in America. That's me BEFORE having work done in dentist office. All I did was walk in and be immediately seated. Didn't have to have appointment and wait forever. After my root canal I wanted to eat because I knew I was about to endure some wicked stuff with my wisdom teeth being taken out in the next hour. I loved how my diet soda just said Coca Cola Light instead. My dad enjoying his wonderful and huge buffet while I am sipping my mash potatoes through my teeth (after wisdom teeth extractions). All the rest of the pictures are of me with chubby cheeks because my face is so swollen. Isn't that nice? I'm not getting those blown up and framed for sure. It was so hard to smile in the pictures. I wasn't even talking yet. After we went in the lazy river at the hotel (which is across border into Califonia. 5 minutes from Mexico) we went back inside hotel for Starbucks and we saw this live band. She was singing a Selena song. She did pretty awesome too. Read below for more....

My dad and I, last minute, headed to Mexico at 5am. I was happy to go but scared! I had broken a tooth the day prior and the dentist I came here to see said I had a nerve exposed. Well, I had to get a root canal. While I'm at it, I asked if he could possibly extract my two wisdom teeth that came in. So after I got my root canal he started the process on my wisdom teeth. I have only 3 words that best describe that. I couldn't be put out because I'm pregnant so I had to get some shots for the numbing. It hurt so bad!!! Finally he gets the first one out and says the second one should be a breeze. Half hour later, he's still working on it. It's not coming out. At one point, he had my head in a hold and was pulling with all his might. I literally tried to fight him off me. He was stronger than me. ha h! Finally, 45 minutes later, he says, "we need to do an x-ray of just that area so see what is holding it. Sure enough, my roots were curled! Yike-ees! No wonder. So he had to break took in half down the middle and take it apart. My gosh. At one point, I was so scared my body started shaking violently. I was just really scared. I only wanted so much numbing stuff (even though it's safe for baby) because I wanted to be cautious. He finally got it out, I hopped up and said, thanks! I'm outie! He said, "wait, you need to get up slowly!" I sat back down impatiently. I got my prescription for Tylonol. That's all I can have! Argh!!! My mouth is killing me. The root canal? NOTHING in comparison to the pain of my wisdom teeth area. My gosh. I still have to go back in, in the morning, and have a crown put on since that tooth broke and do a couple more things. He's gonna have to pry my mouth open because my jaw hurts so bad I can't open it. Maybe this time I might accidently punch him in the face. I'm gonna ask my dad to hold my hands down. He's an amazing dentist you know. Lots of people I know travel from all over just to see him. So I won't punch him. It just hurt so dang bad!

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