Thursday, May 07, 2009

Homeschooling Come July!

I'd had enough and so come this July, all three boys are getting homeschooled again. Plus the boys are begging and begging me! I reminded them that they won't have their buddies. They are like, "mom, we have each other"! I told them they wouldn't have art at school or P.E. They put me in my place about that one too. They reminding me that we have plenty of kids to make our own teams and learn sports. LOL. Okay, okay, I'm convinced. Not only that but they go to a homeschool group once a week where they get all that extra curricular stuff. I miss my boys and hate it when they are gone all day anyway. Plus they had way better grades under their mommy's watch. So, come July we start! I get to start early and it's all for the better because baby number six comes in October and I'll need a month off. Starting in July gives me a head start. I'm excited and so are the kids. :D


Anonymous said...

How exciting!

I have one in public school. A teenager! I homeschooled her up until a year ago.

Something I would like to see is your daily schedule. Especially come July!! lol! :)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Virginia, I hope all goes smoothly for you! Good for you starting early, too. Don't forget all those trips to the park and zoo as educational. The park is PE and the zoo is science. :]


Chris H said...

Luckily it's 'each to his own'...cos there is no way I'd want to be homeschooling! I love my kids... but I like to have a break from them on school days! Maybe that's cos I've been a Mum WITHOUT A BREAK for over 30 years!
I take my hat off to anyone who does Homeschool though, it must take true dedication.