Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking Ivy To See "Scary Doctor"

Today we had to take Ivy in because she's had high fevers since Sunday. Since Ashley was just at the ER two nights prior, we were wanting to see if maybe she had pneumonia also. Even with taking medicine, she still has fevers. So Ivy was really, really scared of seeing the doctor and so that's why you see her crying in the picture. You can see Ashley sitting next to her on one picture, giving her a dolly to make her feel better. It was so sweet. They thought maybe she had the flu so they were wanting to do a test where they swab in her sinuses. I've done that before and, oh my gosh, it's so incredibly painful I didn't want Ivy to go through it. My husband told the doctor, if there is nothing you can do for the flu, then there is no point putting her through all that pain. The doctor said that it would just be so we could know. ??? We still decline. Since they ruled out pneumonia anyway, she wouldn't be needing antibiotics. So we spared her that torture. They said they think it's just a nasty virus because of so many things going around and to just keep giving her stuff to help her fevers stay low. Finally, after 3 hours, we left just in time to pick up boys from school. Well, they were taking forever to just release us so I finally started to just walk out. They stopped me and said, "You can't go because we are waiting for your paperwork". I said, "oh well, I have to get my boys". The nurse walks straight to the desk and just picks up the paperwork for me to sign and that was it. Hmmm..... strange. They were making me wait forever, yet it was right there. I'm glad I didn't wait for them. Hopefully Ivy will get better soon. :(


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

The paperwork was right there? They have a power thing making you wait then. Even if they have really sick people in the next room, is it a good idea to expose Mr. Heart Attack to the flu???

Gracious, but that's too stupid.

May God bless you and keep you, hon.

The Husband said...

It's so wonderful to be there for my little girl holding her hand. I don't like that she was sick but being there for her and hugging my amazingly cute little girl to calm her down about "scary doctor" when she is scared is so wonderful. God sure did bless daddies with a good job.