Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family Night: Miniature Golfing!

We plan a family outing for every two weeks. Friday night was miniature golfing and we got lucky with some really good weather! Wow! It was so fun to take them just before the sun was going to set and watching them try to golf. Ivy was especially funny to watch because when she got her ball closer, she would just pick it up and put on the very edge of the hole and then hit it in. Then she'd be so proud of herself. So cute! I love the picture where Ashley is golfing some. She would get into it too while being strapped to her dad. LOL! By the way, in the picture where you see Ryan fallen on the ground is because he wants to show you a reenactment of his fall. He went to run after a ball that got away and he didn't see the rope. As he was falling, his club flipped up in the air and came down only to conk him in the head just as he crashed. We were all laughing so hard that we were crying. Ryan was laughing too. I'm happy he saw the humor in it! What was so cute was that we decided that whoever was the last one to get their ball in the hole was to have attack kisses from all of us. So they were all trying really hard to not be the last. With Kyle, my 5 year old, he loves hugs and kisses so much that when he wasn't the last to make it in the hole, he cried because he wanted all those hugs and kisses. He's just like his dad!


Chris H said...

What a lot of fun that looks! Though personally I could never do golf of any sort... I just don't get why anyone would spend so much time trying to get a little ball in a hole when if you pick up up and put it in the hole it's done in like a second! lol
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Virginia Revoir said...

I did just that. Thanks. :)

momto9 said...

Ok I just found your blog again through Shannons and reading here felt like a breath of fresh air! Just your daily life....I love it!

Daddy Forever said...

That looks like fun. I would take my kids, but I'm afraid they might hit each other with the clubs. They're evil.