Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful Nights

The beautiful quiet of the night. The laughter is replaced by whispers and then finally to soft breathing. It's the time of night where I think about my day. I remember the giggles and funny antics. I'm thinking about how I miss Charles right now but understanding how much he loves to fellowship with his Christian friends and talk over board games. He deserves it and doesn't demand it. I can imagine them sitting around Roger's table, laughing and eating snacks while evaluating their next play. My little hen is sitting next to an egg. My dog is curled up behind my door. I can hear the sniffs under the door as she is hoping to be let in sometime soon for the night. I hear nothing but the typing of the keys while I write. I think about what God is teaching me in my life right now. I wonder if there was any way I could of handled any situation better today. Whether it was how I asked my son to do his chores. Did I give Chaz a kiss today and tell him how proud I am of him? How grown up he is getting? I cuddle him knowing that in just four years he'll be a teenager and maybe cuddling won't be as cool for him. I think about my friendships and which ones encourage me. I wonder if there was someone I could have called up and encouraged or just listened as they told me about their day. I love going to sleep next to my best friend and talking late into the night. At night I think about so many things while it is so quiet, sometimes long after I hear Charles' soft breathing while he sleeps. I love my beautiful and quiet nights.


momto9 said...

I enjoy quiet nights too! Hope you get a good nights rest!

Daddy Forever said...

I love quiet nights too. Sometimes I watch the kids sleep. Other times I sneak in some kisses on their little foreheads.