Monday, May 11, 2009

Children's Church Week

Here are some great pics with comments underneath them of some things I took pictures of while helping out during children's church week. I love the camera so I snapped away of course. :) I have lots more but I had to condense it.

This video is of a contest boys and girls were having. Girls gave more in the offering between monday-friday and so they got to cream the boys for victory!

The two boys that got creamed with Cassia and Kayla in the background. They are happy because they didn't have to be the ones to get creamed! LOL!

The girls pretty much stayed on their own side and the boys on the other. it ended up turning out for the better because we were able to do quiet contests between the boys and the girls. It was easier to figure out who was winning. :D
Little kids praising God during kid's song service.
This year's theme was "Mission Possible" so they had some pretty cool skits going on throughout the week.

I love seeing Chaz lift his hands to Jesus and singing praises to him. :)

Noah and Hannah (not sure of spelling?) having fun during the illustrations.

Shannon getting into the jumping song and having a blast! Hee hee....

My daughter Ivy and other kids jumping during songs that require more than just clapping hands. It's so cute seeing the kids get into it! :D

Of course with kids, there has to be puppet shows!

Kids that are being called up to help out with showing the rest of the group how to do that hand movements during the action songs.

More kids up for the action songs (my sons Ryan and Kyle in dark blue shirts and I believe Georgie is on far left).

Cassia praying with kids during the alter call time.

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