Sunday, May 03, 2009

How You Treat a Waiter Can Say a Lot About Character

A CEO says how you treat a waiter can say a lot about character. I read it and couldn't believe how true it is. I have noticed these things. People that servers can never make happy. Or people that just talk to them short and curt, like "go get my order and leave me alone" kind of attitude. I used to be a server and I saw a lot of this stuff myself. I think this article is spot on. It's really interesting! You gotta read it. Next time I'm with someone, I'm gonna pay attention to how they treat the server.


Anonymous said...

Servers are just like anyone, trying to pay their bills! Would you like it someone yell in your face? No. Talk to them like you would your neighbor. :)

You'd also be surprised at how much better treatment you would receive. ;)


The Husband said...

I have an interesting quote from a new book I just got called "Taxi Driver Wisdom".

"The rich guys, those are the cheap ones. Unless they are on a date. A poor man who is with his family, he appreciates what it is to work. He will be a big tipper."

Personally I was a pizza delivery driver when I was younger and saw all the cheap tips. Because of that experiance I allways tip delivery drivers good. Maybe this book I got has some wisdom.