Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freaky Bus Driver

(Note: Just kidding about the pic. I'm not gonna kill anyone. But you know, if I ever have to protect my family, this is the gun I'm getting. None of the guns I have are this cool)
I temporarily pulled the boys out of school because of bad situations we were having with their bus driver. With Chaz having Asperger Syndrome, you don't know how hard it's been finding a school that can work with him. Most of them would just throw him in a self-contained classroom where he didn't learn anything. In fact, I had to homeschool him just to catch him up. Now that I did that, he is doing excellent. Chaz has the worlds greatest teacher who's been trained to work with kids like him. He even gets to be in a regular classroom to boot. Just so awesome. Here is my issue. The bus driver needs serious anger management control. This is a Charter school so they don't have the same regulations. In any other school, this lady would have been fired. But because there are only two bus drivers and no replacements, they are keeping her. No matter how many violations she's had. Recently my husband and I were gone and didn't know that Chaz and Kyle had been throwing up badly and we needed to come get them from school. Since they couldn't get a hold of me, they called my friend. They didn't bother to look at my emergency contact list. My friend has no vehicle and they demanded that she come and get my kids. Very rudely demanded. My friend had to take an hour and a half bus ride to the school and take my 3 boys, along with her 3 kids back on the city bus. Chaz was throwing up on the city bus and had to walk half a mile in 105 heat to her house. It's completely ridiculous that they never bothered to look at my contact list and see that my mom was able to come get them... in a car. Of course as soon as I got the message I came right away. The thing is, when my friend reached the school, they had Chaz laying on the floor, outside of the office, behind a trash can. They were treating him harshly. It makes me so upset just thinking about it. Yesterday was just my last straw. When the bus driver pulled up on the bus in front of our house, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "GET OFF THE BUS RIGHT NOW!!!". They didn't know they had arrived. On top of it, she wrote up my five year old for squeezing my other sons cheek. Ryan said it didn't even hurt and Kyle was given no warning. This stuff happens with Helyn all the time and it's been torture ever since they started school. In all the schools my kids have attended, I have never been put through so much stress with any bus driver or even teacher. The curriculum here is AMAZING. Chaz's teacher that he so desperately need is AMAZING. There are no other schools around here that can give that to Chaz. We are not able to drive him right now. Am I being too sensitive? I've written letters to the principal and he treats it mildly. This whole situation is breaking my heart.
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