Friday, September 12, 2008

Someone's Buying Me Steak...

Brianne, just so you know. About our bet. I'm not gonna get pregnant by the end of January. So you are gonna be the one buying me steak. Just so you know I love Logan's Roadhouse. Really good steakhouse. Never mind that I've never made it past the "year mark" of one of my babies turning one before getting pregnant again. This is different! I already have 5 sweet, adorable, (messy), incredibly cute kids. And just because I heard a sweet, sweet newborn cry (so sweet) today doesn't mean I will desire another one soon. I have a baby! She is gonna be one next week. (Ohhhh, isn't that newborn picture so cute of Ashley a year ago)? Man, oh, man... babies are just so cute! STILL! I'm gonna win that bet. Yes I know..... you wonder why my site says Amazing Six. We are a family of 7 and we have 5 kids. So what does that mean? Well, when I made my site, we were a family of 6. I got a sweet surprise baby and so it made the site name inaccurate. So, don't worry. I'll even it out someday. I at least want one more sweet little baby so the Amazing Six will stand for my little amazing six kids. NOT RIGHT NOW! So, Brianne, you should make your reservations. Oh yeah, make sure to bring your wallet because you're paying... Ha!
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