Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kyle Got in a Fight!

Gosh, I meant to tell you how my 5 year old got in a fight at school! It took awhile to get all the information. I was so shocked because he is my cute little, sweet Kyle. That is so unlike him! This is what happened. A big (bully) kid was picking on his little friend. His friend is only four. So Kyle kicked this boy in the, you know, private area. The poor kid was on the ground and Kyle just went at it. I asked Kyle why. He said that the kid is a bully. He's an older kid too. I guess Kyle stood in for his little friend and taught this kid a lesson. So I told Kyle, "well, why did you have to kick him in his privates? Why didn't you punch him instead?"

Kyle's response?

"Well, I couldn't reach his face."
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