Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Awesome Vegetables!!!

I'm so incredibly excited. In two weeks I will be planting these beauties. They are in my window sill right now so they can get sunlight. It is not cool enough outside to plant them just yet. There are seven different types there. Far left is Cilantro, then Jalepeno, Strawberry, Bell Pepper, Serrano, two Tomato, and then finally 9 lettuce. I use most of all of those constantly in meals so I'm excited. Next is figuring out exactly where I want them. The dogs can't be near them (they are not vegetarians but they'll eat them you know). The only option is in the large chicken area. A farmer I know said the chickens won't mess with them and they'll even keep the bugs out. If anyone with chickens agrees or disagrees about this, please tell me! I won't be planting for two more weeks so I'm trying to figure out where they'll go. Of course I'm gonna do at least a couple of each. Not just want. I just wanted to start out small for now. :)
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