Saturday, September 13, 2008

Out of Work but In His Grace

My husband was laid off today but not to my surprise. My husband is Project Manager for an Engineering firm. Well, as you know, the building industry isn't doing that hot right now. He had the world's greatest boss for sure. He was family to us. His boss so much didn't want to let him go that he sacrificed his own paychecks in order to keep him for awhile now. I am sad mostly because I thought he was such a great boss! They got an hour lunch daily and didn't have to clock out for it. He also stocked up a fridge for them all to eat from everyday, PLUS he would take them all out twice a week to a restaurant and pay. So my husband was not only paid to take a lunch break, he also had his lunches paid for. Because of his lunch hour being paid for, they only had to work for half a day on Fridays. Isn't that cool or what??! We soooo loved this place. To top it all off, he was just the nicest and most family oriented boss. He was so sad to let Charles go and he did everything in his power to change it.

So, what happens now?

I have to put my faith and trust in the Lord. Didn't this same God bring me the most wonderful and kind husband I could've ever found? He gave us this job when there was a time of drought in the industry. I'm grateful for the time we had there. I cried a lot today. Not just because I'm worried. But because I loved Mark and his wife.

I know God is gonna take care of us. He promises us in the bible. Whatever happens. God gives and God takes. It all belongs to Him. I still have my treasure... my family. :)
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