Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Papa's Girl

You know, Ivy thinks she really belongs to my parents. She begs my mom and dad every single service if she can go spend the day with them. Every time we see them, and we pull her away from them, she just cries and cries. You know, my daddy that you see in the picture, his mom's name was Ivy. That is where I got the name. She did not live passed 22. I always thought Ivy was a beautiful name and I knew it would mean a lot to him. Her middle name is Joy. It has a two-fold meaning. Joy after my Grandma Ivy's sister who means a lot to my dad. Also because she is the joy of my heart and I finally got her after my 3 boys! My little princess. Her second middle name is after my mom and I. We truly did not know we were gonna have a little girl so I tried to cram a lot into that name. Ha ha! My second little girl is Ashley Rose. I've wanted to name my girl that since I was about 15. I had to wait 13 years but I finally got the chance! Hee hee. If I ever have another little girl someday, I really want to name her Jessica. I don't know though. Can I handle any more girls? Uh... yeah. Hmm.....
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