Thursday, September 11, 2008

Witnessing to Chain Gang

This is my friend Dennis. He is now an evangelist and he goes to all the prisons to minister there for services. Dennis used to be part of the Charles Manson group year ago before it was split up. Dennis spent time in prison for trying to break Charles Manson out. Years later, he gave his heart to Christ and he now uses his life as a testimony to others. He has a wife and two sons, one that is deployed overseas right now. Dennis was driving down the rode and saw this chain gang doing some work. So, he stopped and witnessed to all of them and gave his testimony. When he sent the picture to me it reminded me that nothing is more important in life than winning souls to Christ. Sometimes I get caught up in my own little world and my own little problems. But... I'm making Heaven my home and others deserve to hear about Christ's love too! Eternity is forever.
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