Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Animal Friend

Okay, so I had a cute little chihuahua and infortunately he dug a hole and ran away. I mean, come on, did my kids really scare him that bad? Or was he mad that I named him Taco? So I was really sad. My friends, you see in the pic, called me and said they had a dog for me. She really is sweet. She does like my chickens for sure because she appears to be very fascinated by them. It's like watching a cat stare at a fish bowl. I can just see her wondering what she might be able to do if she could just get that cage open. Maybe chase them in circles till they collapse?
LOL. We named her Lilly since we already have a Daisy. Both flowers. We try to let her inside as often as she wants. but whenever we do, she whines to be let back out so she can be with Daisy, her newfound friend. Anyhow, they said she is part greyhound and part ?. What do you guys think? She is pretty small. We think maybe the other half might be jack russel?
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