Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Happy Time

Yup, this is my happy time every morning. Going out to water the trees, feed the chickens, and collect the eggs. Of course make sure the baby chicks get their water and food also. I love it! Ivy gets really upset when I go out there without. She loves the whole routine too. Jill always lays her eggs in the morning but Sadie always in the afternoon so I usually make two trips. Today I tried to just sneak out real quick by myself and she said, "Mommy, I wanted to go feed the chickens too"! So I took her back out to see them. We have to watch out for the rooster though because he sometimes will come at us. The little pool you see is actually My Great Dane's pool. She swims and drinks out of it so I have to empty it out every morning and give her fresh water. Do you see the before and after pic of my backyard? That was right when we moved in and the other picture is showing one of my citrus trees I planted and the grass we have been working so hard for. Awesome. Hee hee... I finally got to mow it the other day, it's one of my favorite chores.
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