Monday, September 22, 2008

"Ivy, What'd You Do Now???"

I was on my computer last night doing some work when Charles came in the room and said, "Virginia, you would never believe what Ivy got into now!" Oh nooo... it's always something every day. He said, "go back in the bedroom and look." Ivy knew she did something naughty so she was crying and so was Ashley. I was really worried so I ran in there quickly. The site I saw was so funny I had to walk out of the room for a second to contain myself and walk back in with a straight face. Ivy had emptied an entire Nesquick box all over her and Ashley. So it was everywhere. My mouth dropped open. It was on the floor, in the crib, in their hair, on their clothes! Charles looked at me and I looked at him.... I said, "stay right there. I'm grabbing the camera!" LOL! I ran back in and Ivy was still crying thinking she was in big trouble. Well, she SHOULD be because she just depleted my "Wendy's Frosty" supply. I make Wendy's Frosty's by mixing vanilla ice cream and Nesquick. Ha ha! Sooo, I forgave the incident and saw the humor. We finally just doubled over laughing seeing them both crying and hanging over the crib. The pic you see of Ashley laughing in the crib is because we were laughing. She was crying at first. They thought they scored even better when they got to have a bath at midnight.

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