Monday, September 08, 2008

Kyle's Birthday Party!

Just as soon as I was gonna sit down to write this post, my son asked me if I'd play Laser Tag with him. I really, really wanted to finally write a post since I hadn't written in a week so I felt like saying no. But seeing as his brothers wouldn't play with him I thought I should. Ha ha. So we ran around the house for awhile even though I have a headache so I could get some playing time with Chaz. He's so cute.

Anyhow!!! This last week was a very hard week so did not get around to doing these birthday pictures. :P Ivy is getting over a terrible ear infection and Ashley has a really bad cold. They stayed home from church on Sunday to try and get better (and not pass sicknesses around).

Soooo! Kyle just turned 5! My baby boy! He is just so excited about being bigger. He woke me up in the morning by saying, "I can't believe I'm gonna be 5 today!!!" I told him that he five "right now". He said, "no, I'm not five until I blow the candles out on my cake". Ha ha. That morning was a really rough morning and so we couldn't get them to their Sunday school on time. I tried to still get them into their Sunday School class even though they were 20 minutes late. There is this weird rule that once you are 2o minutes late, you can't put them in their classes. Kyle was really sad since he was looking forward to being in Sunday School on their birthday. I felt bad for him! As a Sunday School teacher, I would've had grace on that, especially on a little one's birthday. Anyhow, after church we took our little herd over to Chuck E. Cheese. While I chowed down on the yummy salad, they had a blast!
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