Friday, September 30, 2011

When God Gives Back

We're starting all over and laying good soil down because the
soil you see here isn't too great.  So, no more grass for a bit
till the new soil is laid.
Recently I had a neighbor who went to have surgery.  She didn't come back for 2 months because she almost died!  I couldn't believe it.  Well, she needed me to run her some errands, go to doctor's appointments, etc.  It took several hours but she was just really in a lot of pain and the poor gal had to get in and out of my tall van.  It LOOKED painful.  By the end of the day we drop her off and she can't barely get out because her body was really hurting. It was towards the evening when I get a phone call from her and she says, "I'm sending over a landscaper to do your front and back yard and clean it up really nice."  Wow, what a blessing!  We really spend no time out there during the heat of the summer so it was just looking really bad.  This guy was so fast he had it done in an hour.  An hour!  We take so much longer when we work outside.  I went outside in amazement and the beauty of our backyard and couldn't believe she gave us such a blessing.  It was not cheap to hire him but she did it as a gift.  

What's really crazy was before she called, I was talking to Ryan and telling him thanks for being so patient riding around for so long (along with the other kids).  I told him that we don't do things for a profit or to get something back.  It should just come from our heart and caring for people that need help.  Literally, my neighbor called 15 minutes later with a lovely gift of landscaping for free.  Ryan was so grateful he grabbed a shovel and went outside to work with him.  That boy amazes me.  God amazes me.  It's amazed how He knows your needs, the desires of your heart.


Chris H said...

What a lovely neighbour... and you too for taking her around where she needed to go.

Mama Duck said...

Oh How wonderful :) You totally deserve it in my opinion!