Friday, September 02, 2011

Am I Willing to Take the Time to Train?

I've been studying the newest Duggar book that is out.  Sometimes when I read a book, I like to share some things I have learned on here.  Just like my own study written here because it's easy to forget over time.  There are some things I have gleaned from them and have implemented over the last few years.  This Character Quality sheet is one of them and its my favorite so far.  I've printed it out and I have several around the house.  The kids' rooms, living room, kitchen, and homeschool room.  Feel free to print it from here!  Just click on picture to make bigger and select to print.  BUT, if you want a much, much better and clearer print out of this picture just go here:

Anyway, so these last couple of weeks we've been focusing on Truthfulness vs. Deception.  Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts. (Read Ephesians 4:25).  

Well, the latest idea I got from the Duggars is they use hand motions to memorize scripture.  So we thought about the scripture Ephesians 4:25 and we found ones to use, then we said it about 5 times.  It really does help to use the hand motions!  Several times when I started to forget, I would remember the hand motions first and it would help me to remember the words.  The kids really liked participating like that also.  Kind of funny because I made the hand motions for them but it really helped me to remember also.

When I had run into that Free Jinger group last week I heard a lot of their reasons as to why they don't like the Duggars.  I think sometimes being misinformed can cause us many problems when we don't try to seek the truth.  That's why it's good to study something out or at least give people a chance to explain.  Rumor is a bad thing too.  One person can say "Oh, I think someone does it this way" and before you know it, it spreads.  This book really goes into depth graciously explaining exactly how they run and what materials they use.  One of the biggest misunderstandings is that Michele, the mom, does nothing while her kids do all the work.  Another is that the house is always clean.  Or that TLC paid for their house to be built (explained in their first book).  They are not part of the Quiverfull movement and they explain that they just love children and love God. It's really a good book to read.  I figure I can glean some ideas. If they can make it work with 19, surely I can made do with my 6!  :D 

Also, another book we use to tie in our character qualities is Growing with Jesus.  After reading the story in the bible about Jacob's deception to his father and his brother Esau, we tied it in with our character quality of the week.  Then we used Growing with Jesus to discuss confessing and asking forgiveness.  We had such a good time and the kids really listen and pay attention.  

Today I was thinking about the importance of raising my kids vs. just letting them veg, do a little bit of chores, hope they they grow up not be afraid of work.  I got from the Duggar's newest book the true importance of involving your kids in everything you do.  Instead of using errands as an escape, what a great opportunity to teach my kids about using coupons, savings, shopping wisely.  Instead of wanting to get dinner cooked fast, just start a little earlier and get everyone involved.  I have to get over my frustration of always wanting to do it myself and get it done fast.  My kids absolutely enjoy learning to do what daddy and I do and actually prefer it over their toys.  Crazy, I know.  

Ryan packing lunches for one of our many field trips
Am I taking away their childhood?  Actually, I prefer to do things myself but they constantly want to be involved.  Kids have such a hunger to learn but sometimes it's easier to pacify them with other things or even discourage them because they don't do it good enough.  (Because I just want to do it quickly).  That was something I've really worked on this last year.  

Charles helping Ivy learn how to pretend stock shelves
I often have to pray for strength, literally, I would get on the floor and pray that God would help me to be patient and slow to anger or frustration.  Trust me, I work so much faster alone but in the end, what's the purpose of that?  When my husband's grandpa died, all the things his kids said brought tears to my eyes.  He had 10 children and each one told a memory they had about their father. Do you want to know the number one thing they mentioned?  How he took the time to teach them in everything he did.  Whether it was working on cars, cooking, baking, shopping.  Anything. It always took him longer but they eventually learned because of it.  Those words of sentiments made my heart drop realizing I was doing none of those things.  Not only can I teach them, but by working side by side with them I'm also spending time with them.  

Anway, just sharing some of my (many, ohhhh so many) life lessons.  I tell people when I blog, I'm just talking aloud.  Always preaching to myself.  :D


momto9 said...

You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today!!! I've been sorta thinking on the same things. Sounds like a good book to read. I read their first one

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Well, I never got the impression that as a *group* they hate the Duggars or large families or anything like that.

But moving on! Did you ever decide to join the Y? I am now at the point where I find my older children are very, very helpful. Patrick, you know, will be 18 this month. He is not driving but if we are all out at the zoo or whatever he can hold a preschooler's hand or help me navigate/plan our trips together. Being able to help *each other* (I help him too, sometimes!) makes for a more pleasant family time all around.

Virginia Revoir said...

Happy Elf Mom, I figured out they weren't large family haters, just Duggar haters. I only mentioned them because while reading this book it made me think of them. I made sure to clarify in this post they were only misguided about the Duggars or family like them.

Brooke said...

I want to read that book so badly. I wonder if the library has it. LOVE the Duggars!

Their ideas are wonderful and I think it's amazing that they have such a tight knit family even with all the different personalities.

And about praying for patience... I believe that when you pray for patience, our Father in Heaven gives us 'opportunities' to be patient. He doesn't just bless us with the patience itself. It's something we have to find within ourselves. I have found that the harder I pray for it, the more opportunities I get... more chances to build up that patience I so desperately need.

Loved the post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Taryn said...

I just say- Thank you Lord for the patience I need. I receive it in Jesus' name. I'm the clay,He's the Potter. Romans 7:18(KJ)-"For I know that in me ...dwelleth NO Good Thing..." So I don't know about finding something within. I don't like looking within. Just being a born-again("ye(plural) must be born again) Christian means others will see the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus said that if we continue in His Word(KJ Bible) then we are His disciples.

Taryn said...

I want to add that I had more patience if I had only one cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

Amber said...

Training is my weak spot. I love efficiency and frequently training kids to do something themselves is not so efficient. But in the long run they need those skills and it's not very efficient having to learn as an adult and have no other choice :) I could stand to learn a thing or two from you lol