Monday, September 19, 2011

Bringing My Monkeys to the Zoo

We got another zoo membership and since its our absolute favorite place to go on a monthly basis, we're excited!  We love to bring a picnic every time and get to be involved when they have special events.

They made a brand new area for the orangutans so we got to go inside of a atrium type building where you can look all around you to see the monkeys.  Underneath us was their night house and hospital.  There were so many upgrades since we had been there last.  

I love the picture (above) of Charles and Caleb.  It is so sweet!  

Ashley (above) leading her brother around in the caves that shoot water.  It's still pretty warm out so we were excited they hadn't shut the water off yet.

We took a break and had lunch while watching the kids play in the water.  My dad is to the right of the picture.

(Above) As we walked up to the turtles my kids asked "Mommy, why is that turtle bothering the other one?"  I replied, "Oh, they are just wrestling." 


The conversation that happened around the Rhinos was how big of a spank would it take for the Rhino to even flinch?  Would it take a really big "whap!" or just a small one to notice?  Would he get angry?  I don't know but we talked about this for a good 15 minutes.  

I am very scared of seeing the tigers.  I don't know why, I just really keep a grip on my kids when we pass by that area.  I guess because of the story I heard recently of a kid on a school field trip climbing over the fence and running into the cage to "pet the kitty."  Yeah, so I get really nervous.

A lady was inside the fox cage cleaning the windows but we had fun with this one.  We walked up and said , "Ohhhh, what is this?  It's a human!!!  Wow!"  We kept talking about it but she didn't even crack a smile. It was so funny.  To us. 

(My dad is so sweet carrying around Caleb).  Well, this is the cage that the lady was cleaning.  The sign actually said "FOX".  I resisted the urge when she was cleaning the cage to say "Look, it's a fox!"  She might've gotten really offended.

The lady finally finished cleaning the windows so we could see the actual fox.  Cute.  His hearing must be really good with those ears.

If you look really close you can see the bugs cool eyes.  I loved taking this picture.  

Kyle and Ivy (above) are so cute.  I saw them sitting up on the tree house and took their pics. When I take pictures I rarely make my family pose because I just like to catch them playing.  Pictures are so much more fun to look at when they are just natural.  

We were looking at the turtles here and there were a lot more than last time.  They had to get rid of a lot of them and sell them because people were dumping their turtles in there.  They said what happens is parents buy their kids turtles as gifts but they don't realize they are gonna keep growing.  Once they get too big, the  parents will bring the turtle and dump them here.  The problem is they were bringing ones that eat the zoo turtles.  So they had a big net catching them all.  

It such great exercise walking around the zoo.  By the time we got home we just collapsed.  If I were to pick between going to family fun places or having more material things, I pick going places with my family 100 times over. 

Chaz walking Caleb to the exit with.  You can tell Caleb had fun on the playground and water just by the back of his pants.  

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