Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Strawberry Banana Milkshake

My friend showed this recipe on her page but without the sugar. I did try it without the sugar but my husband liked it added.  :) Be sure to check out her cooking blog because she's a fantastic cook and she cooks for her large family.

It's sooo good though.  The picture shows less bananas because in this house, strawberries and bananas go FAST.  I didn't make it in time but this is what you use.

*3 bananas
*Fill up to almost top with strawberries
*1/4 cup of sugar
*Fill up to top of strawberries with milk

Blend till smooth!

Soooo easy and super delicious.  It goes so fast we usually have to make two of these to be enough for all of us.


momto9 said...

Made me smile:)
Oh and my friend and I made this awesoem cake yesterday and I'm gonna see if its ok to post the'd love it!! Sooooo scrumptious!

dumanlife said...

görüntü süperrrr içmek isterdim :)