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Amazing Story: Firefighter Who Survived the Collapse of Twin Towers

This photo was taken exactly 23 days before the
 9-11 attacks Chaz was 1 and Ryan was 3
days old here
(If you would like to hear the story of the firefighter who survived being inside the collapse of the twin towers, scroll to bottom of post)

I don't think anyone can forget and everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing when they found out our nation was being attacked.  Real people were being targeted.  Families being destroyed.  Sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, engaged, married, single, new moms, pregnant moms, children, were all being targeted.  It didn't matter if they were rich or poor, white or black, or religion.  A group of people thought Americans deserved death.  What would drive these people to such utter and bitter hatred?

I remember that day.  I was sleeping in my bed with my little newborn Ryan.  He was only 3 weeks old when I was jarred awake in the early hours by a phone call from my mom.  She was frantic.  At that time the news barely had any information.  Both towers were still standing.  I was confused.  Possibly a terrorist attack?  On American soil?  My gosh.  I'll never forget the wonderful feeling when President Bush called us to join together and fight.  For months afterwards there was such a unity among people it was comforting. We all put American flags wherever we could.  We all agreed.  This attack was not okay and we're gonna do whatever it takes to protect this nation for us now, our children, and our children's children.

Everyone has their theories of that day.  As with any major news, war, or attack, there are always theories that come with it or conspiracies.  I truly believe it was exactly from those it was reported to be since I KNOW people from that country that told me they were taught to hate America all growing up and to want death for us.  They hated our freedom and envied our blessing.  As shocking as it is that people would go so far as to kill others in the name of their god, it reminds me of why we are so blessed here in America.

Just imagine.  We have the right to attend a Baptist, Mormon, Pentecostal, Catholic, Satanist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, Jewish, or Speedway Racing church.  Heck, you don't have to go to church at all if you don't want to.  We have the right because thousands of people died for us to have that right.  Of course we want to reach out to people looking for answers.  Of course we are passionate about sharing the good news and reaching out to lost souls.  I know I grew up witnessing to others and praying with people on the street.  Then following up on them, encouraging them over a meal or just over the phone.  That's the beauty of America.  You are free to share your faith and live out your faith.

What happens when those freedoms are attacked?  There is a group on Facebook, actually several, that continually attack a certain denomination.  They happen to be attacking my church and all the surrounding churches.  If you dare just make a comment that what they are saying about your group is not the truth, they will pounce on you, harass you, swear at you, and you are only grateful they have no idea where you live.  They will write you letters telling you that no matter how happy you "think" you might be, you are secretly miserable and don't you wish you could be miserable with us?  They will spend hours writing letters, posting hate speech, calling you names, and generally just trying to make you look like an idiot.  How dare you love your moral values and beliefs.  How dare you find happiness and peace in what you believe.  I wouldn't be happy in that religion!  If I hate it, why in the world don't you hate it?"  Sometimes I'm so shocked by just the hatred and bitterness that oozes from sites like these.  Facebook says they don't allow a hate group such as these, but yet somehow they still exist.

If we all spent our time shouting out names at each other and spent half our life trying to make anyone miserable that doesn't believe exactly like us, would we truly be living?  Whatever happened to just living out your faith, being a good example of your faith, sharing the good news with others, and if someone doesn't want to hear it, moving on to the next person?

American may take for granted what God gave us but we have to remember that sooo many have no idea what that's like.  Have they truly seen freedom?  Do they know the beauty of freedom?  How can you know when you've never tasted it?  Breathed it?  Lived it?  Oh, how I wish they could have that too.  My friend, who died fighting over there, said people thanked him daily for fighting to give them freedom. Imagine that.  We are told they don't want or need freedom.  But inside, whether or not we would be allowed to say it, every one of us long for it.

There is nothing wrong with having passion for our beliefs, but if it comes at the price of hurting others, calling names, threatening, verbally abusing, assaulting, something is really sick there.  Not too long ago those terrorist men were little boys that were indoctrinated at a very young age. Sitting in a class, cross legged, and forced to sing songs against America.  Wide eyed and cute little boys forced to learn hatred at a tender age.  Years and years of that can not only wax a heart cold, but can leave nothing but an empty shell.  A shell that will then serve as a killing machine.  My heart aches for those little boys.

My heart aches in hopes that America will not only pray for these people but will not become tools for spreading hatred in our own communities or within family.  So what if someone doesn't believe like you?  Act like you?  Dress like you?  Talk like you?  God created us all AND he gave us a free will.  Thank God America believed we should still have that.  I hope that never changes.

My heart aches today thinking about people crying for their lost loved ones.  Ones they lost 10 years ago today.  Children that will never know their dad/mom.  God, please be with these families today.

Courage in the Towers

Would you like to hear a first hand experience of a firefighter who was inside the towers when it collapsed.  HE was in a stairwell and SURVIVED.  His story is amazing and will bring tears to your eyes.

Part one:

Part Two: 


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