Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Trendy Boutique Watch Giveaway!

Petite Round Watch - Black (38332)
The Trendy Boutique sent me this GORGEOUS watch and I was really impressed when I put it on.  It's comfortable, doesn't pinch, it's sparkly but classy.  I usually avoid buying myself watches because of all the crazy things that happen to them while I'm working around the house.  I eventually stopped buying watches because it just cost too much to replace them.  

This watch is only $18 and I'm excited about the low price being that Christmas is coming up.  I'm already beginning to think ahead about gift giving.  Ordering early gives me breathing room so I don't have to panic. WHAT'S EVEN BETTER?  Shopping online rather than having to get in those crazy stores during the biggest shopping season there is.  Last year I did all my shopping either online or Costco. Saves lots of hassle and keeps the season peaceful.  :D  By the way, The Trendy Boutique doesn't just have watches, they have lots of great products!  Lots of them you can put your own design on them.

Shipping is FREE on all watches! They have over 100 styles and colors and you can use coupon code VIRGINIA10 for 10% off.  All a really great deal to stock up!

This watch was featured on Oprah and in "The Blind Side".  So you can't go wrong with these watches and they're gorgeous.  The Trendy Boutique has many other styles and colors to choose from!

EVEN COOLER is she is giving one away!  You can have extra entries!
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Winner is Jillyrh! 

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