Friday, September 16, 2011

...And Baby Makes 7!

Wow... I can't believe it!  I have another little one on the way.  I about fell over when I decided to pick up a pregnancy test today.  Just a few days ago I started my period right on time.  Or so I thought.  It was an awfully short one.  Well, that lasted all of 2 minutes.  I figured I was just under some serious stress because K12 was really beginning to frustrate me.  When there were still no signs up a normal period I figured I'd just go take a test. I was just really wanting to get out of the house with two of my kids and spend some time with them.  I really, really wasn't expecting it to be positive.  In fact, I bought the test and then we headed over to the library to get some books and read.  Just a week ago I had taken one and it was negative.  This time I looked at it and said, "Well, this could change my life."  The two lines came up within a flash.  I about fell over.  No joke!  I shoved the test in my purse and went to sit down with the kids.  I couldn't read or do anything.  I even ran into a friend from church there and talked a bit.  Knowing the information I had just attained, there was just no way I could sit and read a book.

I went home and took another test and it was also positive right away.  I didn't tell Charles yet.  I just asked if I could talk to him.  I told him I was sorry for being so emotional lately.  (I even cried for know reason while driving my car today).  Also I told him I wasn't trying to be so tired all the time and I was sorry for sleeping more than usual. He said, "Yeah, you've been going through a lot, baby.  It's okay," and he hugged me back.  Right then I thought to myself, "Man, I have the best husband ever."  Then I held up the pregnancy test and said "Here's why."  He said "What's THAT?  What?  (Gasp)  Are you pregnant?"  He got a HUGE grin and gave me a BIG, BIG hug.  He said "That explains a LOT!"  Haha.  He went and got the kids and excitedly told the kids God is giving us another baby.  Their heads slowly turned towards me and everyone had huge grins on their face.  Well, except for sleeping Ashley and baby Caleb who was cuddling his big brother.  They were so happy and all said they were hoping it's a girl.  Ryan shouted, "I bet Caleb is so happy he gets the be the big brother finally!"  

Well, I get nervous every single time.  EVERY TIME I find out I'm pregnant.  A million scenarios go through my head.  Wondering if I have the patience, finances, Charles was just thinking about going back to school, if my van is big enough (no it's not).  I was thinking about my health and what happened last time.  I thought about "friends" I had lost in the process because they were so angry I was pregnant the last time.  Charles had just lost is job last time I found out I was pregnant.  This time he has a job and insurance.  I have to thank God for taking care of us.  He's always provided.

God designed families. NO MATTER how many times the world says it's time to quit, no one, NOT ONE, has been able to show me a scripture about limits. I don't know. God was pretty detailed about explaining things. Some must think He forgot to adds limits.  Maybe he was too busy and forget to add that part in the bible.  

I really need to come up with a new name for my blog but I'm just not really creative.

 PhotobucketFinally I get to be a part of this blogroll. Yay!  I've waited for so long.  LOL
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