Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Abortion's Heavy Price

I don't know why I've been thinking a lot about the tragedies of abortion lately.  Maybe it's because I knew of someone through someone that recently decided to go ahead and have one.  Even though others reached out and offered their help.  The promise of a boyfriend who says he'll stay if baby is aborted only to leave as soon as the deed is done.  That life is snuffed out FOREVER.  Boyfriend is gone.  Friend's disappointed.  At night, I wonder if a tear falls down onto her pillows?  If she ever thinks about how many weeks she would be?  I wonder when her due date comes if her heart will hurt.  My heart hurts for her.

By 3 weeks her heart begins to beat.  By 5 weeks, the baby's nervous system is formed.  What does that tell me?  That the process of an abortion is a painful one for her. By 7 weeks she's already moving around.  By 8 weeks all her vital organs are formed.  By 12 weeks her skin is already sensitive. 

Satan's lies that are so easily seen by some, have blinded others. Sin has blinded many.  My heart aches for those that truly don't know the heavy, heavy price they are gonna pay for the rest of their life.  Of course some hearts are so waxed cold they will never care.  But many, many, many regret that choice.  Some never even get to have children after an abortion.  

I am not angry at those that do snuff a life out but my heart BREAKS for them.  The act of taking a life into your own hands and silencing it, will never truly be silenced in their mind and heart.  No matter how much alcohol they down, how many drugs they use, how many sleeping pills they consume over the years. There will be thousands of reminders over their lifetime.  Satan didn't offer to give that information when thinking about the abortion, huh?  He never does.  Like any sin, we just hope we can do the deed and put it behind us.  

I thank  God I was raised by my Christian parents.  That they shielded me from being slowly boiled like a frog not knowing he's being cooked.  Sin is the same.  It starts out with a little lie.  Just taking one candy bar at the store.  Reaching into mom's purse.  Trying that drink.  Taking that hit.  Believing a boy's whispers of love (lust).  Then when an unplanned pregnancy comes, believing he'll stay if she just aborts.  "Friends" urging you to.  Family angry at you. Sitting on that table of cold doctors removing a life that's "just tissue".  Telling the boyfriend it's done.  He leaves.  You are alone in your tormenting thoughts, every day for the rest of your life.  So you drink to erase the memories.  Take a hit to make you feel happy.  Take sleeping pills to help you sleep to make those thoughts go away.  See how it progresses? Sin will eat away at your conscience.  It never comes without a price.  

There go I but for the grace of God.
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