Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Savings Aren't for Sissies

All for $10!
You think I would learn my lesson and keep up on my couponing each week so I don't have to pay the price later. But nooooooo.  Two days ago I finally dug in on my coupon pile and started organizing.  All in all it took me 15 hours to staple like coupons inserts together, cut, organize, and put in book.  It was hard to fit in homeschooling with it but somehow we did.

When I finally got to Fry's I couldn't believe how terrible the sale prices were.   I would walk down whole aisles and would be lucky to see any sales. I was a little frustrated since I had spent so many hours preparing but I still have Safeway to hit up.  ;)  Safeway also makes all coupons worth $1 so lets hope I do better there. 

Anyway, I got 120 bottles of water, 12 Capri Sun packs, 4 Pure Silk shaving gels, and 6 Ivory body washes for only $10!  Not bad!

Of course I bought other stuff while I was there but I didn't do well percentage wise and only saved 57% .  It's better than nothing though. I used to be excited if I saved 25% back in the day.  

As frustrated as I've been with having so little time to clean the house and other things, I'm grateful we are on a roll and learning.  It's hard to know what things I should just skip on and what things we should stay on for a bit.  You really don't have a lot of freedom with K12 and their conference calls are pretty excessive.  There are so many other requirements that it can really interfere with regular homeschool time.  THANKFULLY, Chaz and I have an IEP meeting tomorrow and we'll be discussing areas of need.  They will be adjusting Chaz's work so the load isn't so large.  Poor Ryan and Kyle won't get that opportunity.  Chaz will be having speech therapy twice a month and the cool thing is it's all online over video conferencing.  The bad news is for the IEP meeting I have to be sitting with Chaz and I'm truly hoping I can get the other 5 kids to be quiet and happy so it won't get interrupted every 5 minutes.  I'm constantly getting messages saying my kids missed an important meeting and now have to attend another one at this exact time.  Normally, with one or two kids, I'm sure that's not a lot to keep track of but when they already have about 6 hours of work, those meetings can add up.  One blessing is they just added an app for Android and the iPad for attendance.  This will help me a lot.  

Over the weekend I ordered some parts so we can get our 3rd laptop working again!  That's be fantastic and make the world load easier.  It's not all computer work.  About half of it is book work but it's vital to have the computers.  

If you have any K12 tips, please share.  I would love to know some.  :D  Here are 7 educational android phone apps for your kids!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yowie!! You will need an organization system for all your STUFF so you are sure to rotate stock (use oldest first, etc.)

GOOD for you!! :)

Virginia Revoir said...

I don't have that much stuff! haha