Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bringing Light to a Very Dark World

Can you imagine living in a place where just having light to light up your dark home is hard to come by?  This video really touched my heart.  These people are really poor and have houses right next to each other. Even in the daytime their homes are very dark.  Someone comes up with an incredible idea.

Whoa.  We are sooooo spoiled here in America.  Wow.....

My sister lives in South Africa and she's told me stories that just make my jaw drop.  Such as babies being left in the field abandoned every day, gang fights right in front of their church.  I know you say that happens here but not in the magnitude and frequency it does there.  Or the man they tried to help that was having a heart attack but the ambulance takes sooooooo long to get there, they just have to watch him die because there is nothing they can do.

I'm amazed this guy in the video not only comes up with a way to light up his home but he goes out of the way to bring light to others.  

In the same way Christians bring light to a very dark world that is lost.  Imagine when the bible was being written and being chosen to write down about the end times.  I always wonder what they thought when writing that portion of the bible. "Man, it's gonna get that bad?"  Yep.  Moms will murder their own babies.  Even go as far as to birth them only half way and then take scissors to jab them in the back of the head to kill them. No one will just have one person in marriage but many will just casually have one partner after another. Maybe one day settling down with a kid from here or there.  Lovers of money, boastful, proud, mockers, itching ears. Only hearing what they want and picking a religion from a buffet line.  "I want this but I don't want that.  I'll take that part in the bible about not stealing, but I would like to have the adultery and fornication, thank you." Kind of scary how it's become just like the bible warned, huh?

Proclaiming Christianity but never surrendering to Christ.  "Maybe someday when I'm ready I will."  Don't wait!  You don't have to wait and see what consequences you end up with before finally giving your heart to Christ.  God loves us so much that He gave His son to pay the price for our sins.  We don't have to wreck our lives into the ground, have regrets.  But if you have, God is a merciful God.  He's only a prayer away.  Eternity is only one breath away.  One heartbeat away.  

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