Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Fun

I can't believe I forgot to share with you the party we had for Kyle and Ashley.  The birthdays are so close together that it just happens in a whirlwind.  Ivy kicks it off first in July, then 2 weeks later is Chaz, 2 weeks, Ryan's, 2 weeks Kyle's, 2 weeks Ashley's, and then 1 week later is Caleb's.  So his is coming in just a few days and he's turning 2 years old!  This year we decided to put Kyle's and Ashley's together because they both chose Chuck E Cheese to celebrate at.

OF COURSE I brought lots of coupons for all the pizza, drinks and tokens.  It is very costly there but not as much as Amazing Jakes.  We usually we'll do something big for each kid every other year.  Then the next year we keep it small.  Thankfully my blog helps me to keep track of who gets a big birthday in what year. :D

On a big party year we let the kids pick a friend or two that they'd like to bring along.  We don't always have a ton of friends, we still keep it small.  So Kyle picked a buddy and Ashley picked a buddy.  Was so cute.  Those buddies happened to be siblings so they brought their mom and older sister.

We don't go overboard on gifts but get them one or two at the most.

Man, this age is sooo easy to shop for. We just had to get some barbies for Ashley and a cool dart gun for Kyle and they were happy campers.  It gets so much more complicated when they get older.

So this next baby that's due in May has it good because his/her birthday will be set apart.  Kinda wish I could've kept the tradition of having their birthdays two weeks apart.  That was never a chosen tradition though so I can't really plan that.

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