Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Do Our Kids Have to Grow Up?

In the process of repair but didn't get
passed this part
Yesterday I was super excited about finally getting the Windows 7 repair disk from K12. We had waited 4 days for it and was homeschooling 4 kids on only one computer. I ran into the school room and eagerly started the process of having the virus invested computer wiped clean and restored. Didn't work. I called them and they said it sounded like a defective disk. So we have to wait to receive another on maybe Saturday or Monday. So the long days of homeschooling continue from about 9:30am till about 11pm. Of course we have to have breaks in between so I can change diapers, make meals, do some clean up, use the restroom, deal with an issue, answer a phone call. In a perfect world we could just work for 8 hours straight through but that can't happen. Even kids in school get breaks.  A friend gave me a good tip and said not to answer the phone during homeschool time.  I generally don't but I do keep my ear tuned into my husband calling or maybe the president.

Sagaform Edge Odor Remover Metal SoapLately I noticed that when I open the silverware drawer there are hardly any silverware in it. We have almost all butter knives, just enough forks for the eight of us, and almost no spoons. I'm gonna go take a picture and show you. There, see what I mean? I think I know the culprit and he's really short with blonde hair. Well, they all have blonde hair. The only one that wears a diaper. I catch him all the time throwing plates and silverware in the garbage when he is done eating. I know he's trying to clean up but we've actually lost some really valuable things like my keys! Kind of makes me wonder what else got tossed I didn't know about. Little stinker. I'm gonna have to go out and buy some silverware this weeked but no butter knives.  We don't do those organized drawers since Caleb likes to help unload silverware from the dishwasher everyday.  He just throws them in the drawer.  Do you see that silver oval shape in the drawer?  That's a metal "soap" bar.  When your hands smell like garlic or fish you can just wash your hands with that and it takes the smell right off.  My family got it for us last Christmas and it really works!

I love those cute kid moments where you have to run for your camera. I always keep batteries in mine and keep it close by because of moments like this. I walked in on Caleb sitting in this bucket.  He had pulled a bucket up next to his brother and sat in it while his brother played video games.  They just quietly sat like that together for about a half hour. So I got up closer to show you Caleb in the bucket.

Super cute!

Ashley's been pointing at my tummy and telling me there is a baby in there.  I keep telling her there is not but she insists.  Yesterday Ivy called up her dad at work and said "Dad, how come we don't have 10 kids and we only have 6?"  Lately my kids have been obsessed with the fact that I have waited soooooo long to have another. This is actually a record for me as I never never had kids more than 2 years apart.  Well, Caleb is turning 2 this month and (sniff) there are no babies coming.  I always said I would never have kids more than 3 years apart because I don't like those age gaps.  Well, I am THERE right NOW and so I guess I'm breaking my own rules.  If I wait another year there will be a 4 year age gap.  That is a major no no.  Oh well.  Kids are so cute and even with allllll the extra work they bring, they fill my heart with joy every single day.  I try not to think about the day they grow up and move out. I just want them all to stay little like this.  I don't even like to talk about it ever. If someone tries to I tell them I don't want to think about it.  While writing this I had 2 drinks spilled on me by my toddler but that doesn't change my mind.  I'll take the good with the crazy moments.  :)

People used to tell me all the time "Oh you just wait till you have more than one kid.  That'll change your mind."  Then it was "You just wait, that 3rd one will kill ya.  Then you won't want anymore."  Then it was 4 kids.  Well, after that 4th one I never heard that comment again.  Thank goodness.  Haha.  In fact, I don't think many people would say "You just wait till your 9th, that'll break your back."  That's just rare these days to have a larger family.  However, I have heard from a friend that the pressure can go the other way also.  "How come you only have two?  Don't you want more?"  I have to be careful that I'm not one of those people that pressure.  I think it's just we get excited for families and it's exciting to see the pregnancy, the wait, and the excitement of the arrival.  Us mommies love all that stuff.


Mama Duck said...

i love stopping by here Jenny :) Your're an inspiration and i love your attitude. I love the way you write. Nothing fake here xx

Babblin' Brooke said...

It's always spoons that go missing at our house too. I don't get it.

Lauren said...

As you know, when the next baby comes, it is in God's perfect timing. It took me a long time to grow into the peace of that state... I used to be so impatient! Now I've handed it completely to the Father and it doesn't plague my mind anymore.

Chris H said...

Caleb in the bucket... is JUST GORGEOUS!
As for babies.... I found having 6 so easy... and when Brylee and Griffin came into our lives it felt great!
8 is a lovely nubmer... though MOST people think we were mad taking on two more!
I hope if you do have another baby you stay well, not like last time.

Zion said...

I just love your upbeat attitude! That photo was a super cute kid moment. Adorable! Also, that last paragraph was very thought provoking. I always have to roll my eyes when people think that we are done because we have "one of each" (a boy and girl), but some people are happy with one of each and I can't condemn them for that either.

Karen said...

Loved catching up on your wasn't letting me on for awhile because of a virus or something.