Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

Ivy working the check out
Yesterday we took our kids to the Children's Museum and spent a lot of the day there.  We left homeschooling to the wind to take this day.  Of course it means we'll have to make it up on Saturday but it was still worth it.  What an amazing place!!!  Of all places, that place is worth getting a membership to.  

Ivy, her friend, and Caleb
I'm not a big fan of projects or crafts.  I love how you can bring your kids here and they just have EVERYTHING you can imagine.  Painting, crafts, playdoh, coloring, glue projects, and there is not clean up.  :D  Yeah!

Chaz unloading truck
They have so much imaginative play there like a grocery store, stocking shelves, shopping, making pizzas.  It's all play stuff too but the kids just thought it was soooo neat and felt like a grownup.

It's funny how it seems so fun when you are little but more of a chore when you are older.

Ivy shopping
I looked into a year membership for my family but it is pretty costly when you have a large family.  They do have free nights once a month but it's not as much fun to go because it's sooo crowded.  It would be really neat to go on a regular day.  Put a bunch of kids together, a few hundred of them, and imagine the sharing factor.  Not easy.  Haha.  

Charles helping kids stock shelves
We still had sooo much fun and the kids didn't want to leave.  What a great homeschool day.  Another reason I want to go back is I want to focus on a specific areas and really go into depth on it.  That's also why we get a zoo membership every year.

Cassidy and Ivy giving us a puppet show
I love to take my kids on field trips but if I do go we have to homeschool on Saturday to make up for it.  We can't go every week but at least every other week is nice.  :)

Caleb pretending to wash dishes.  Soooo cute!

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