Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caleb Turns 2!

The last kid birthday we celebrate this year is Caleb's!  He's two years old now.  Wow, time sure flies.

Lately I've been thinking about how fast my kids are growing up.  My oldest is 11.  If the first 11 years flew by so fast, won't he next seven years go even quicker?  Chaz will be 18 in seven years.  It just amazed me how fast life seems to speed at.

Caleb kept just trying to take huge bites out of his cupcake.  It was so cute.

We love our little Caleb Joseph.  He's really stolen our hearts.  The kids all adore him and will do anything for him.  Whenever he falls down there is a kid who runs to pick him up.  When he was a baby it broke their hearts to hear him cry.  They'd always get me right away and want to me immediately rescue him.

My mom holding Caleb in church.  :)

He loves Nana and can spot her from really far away. When he does see her he runs as fast as he can to her.

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