Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding a Curriculum That Works For Large Families

Today I had to call K12 and ask them to take my kids off the program.  They were trying to talk me back into it but I said no way.  They asked which program I was using and whether it was legal.  They did what another friend did that is on K12 administration.  They just figured the program I was using is trying to ditch government regulations which is not true.  I do feel that K12 can work for some families, maybe not large families, but it can work.  I honestly feel that it's not very suitable when homeschooling several kids at a time. They just require too many meetings, phone calls, deadlines that could mesh together and cause havoc when just trying to get their regular assignments out.  Just trying to schedule regular appointments and doctors got to be kind of crazy and caused us to miss deadlines.  There just isn't really any freedom in it.  Before I always said I wasn't a K12 fan but now I can say it from experience.  NOT a K12 fan.  Really though, if I had one kid it probably would be a great program.  I could just split it up throughout the day and it would even be enjoyable.  They give some really fantastic materials and I'm gonna miss the extra computer.

My younger ones are using an online program called Mesa Distance Learning (which also comes with book work) and my older kids are using Switched on Schoolhouse.  I'm just amazed at the difference in the day and how much more freedom we have to go to learning places.  Before, wanting to even go to a museum was just impossible and I had to pass up a lot of good learning field trips for my kids. Our day is much less stressful and I feel like I got my family back.  I'm no longer a zombie in the evening and the kids aren't hating school. 

The really cool thing is my kids are now enrolled in a school that is only on Fridays! It's a school just for homeschooled kids and you can pick the day.  Friday was open and my kids are super excited to use their new backpacks.  It's really nice to have that backup and having a Teacher give them some tutoring.  We've met some fantastic friends before through this school since they've gone before. They're excited!

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There are so many other fantastic curriculums out there for large families and I guess its just about what works for yours.  I would love to hear what your family uses.  Do you piece together yours and with what? Use a put together set?  Online program?  
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