Monday, October 03, 2011

Homeschooling, Pregnancy, Chickens, and Laundry...Oh My!

Busy, busy, busy days.  It's funny how moms like Mondays.  Maybe I'm nuts but I love Mondays after the crazy weekends.  Saturday evenings I'm planning for Sunday.  Getting the kids' clothes washed and laid out.  Making sure I've found all the tights and shoes, etc.  It used to be so easy to get ready for church.  At first I used to just get up super early but because I wonder around aimlessly with my coffee, we still don't leave on time.  It's too hard to think when I'm tired.  Now, with 6 kids we have to start prepping a day early.  I always want to go to the Saturday night concert scenes but then it would mean I'd have to start prepping earlier in the day and then we'd have no free time on Saturday.  Especially with all the Saturday chores.  Yet, I want to be so much more involved like I was growing up.  My parents really put a focus on caring for people and reaching to others.  Maybe I can sacrifice some things that really aren't that important and take a couple hours a week for soul winning.  That's not a lot to ask, really.

Homeschooling has been going GREAT since dropping K12.  No more stressed out days.  We have time for bible study again.  I hated that we had no time for that anymore.  We used to homeschool from the morning all the way to dinner time.  Now we are usually done around 1pm and they have time for their chores and bible study (Growing with Jesus).  It's just AWESOME.  The kids are happy again and the days seem so much brighter.  (I get to shower).  By the way, here is a funny video about homeschooling.

We lost another chicken the other day.  It was my beautiful rooster.  I used to love to hear him crow.  We lost four chickens in this hot summer.  :(  I'm gonna have to buy some more chicks and raise them.  They really are adorable to take care of though so it's not really a problem.  Chickens are so easy to care for.  I'm thinking about moving my miniature chickens in with the big ones now that the bully rooster is gone.  He was so protective that we couldn't go back with them much.  Now it's much more calm.

I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and have yet to go get it confirmed by a doctor.  Sigh.  I really have a hard time with trust after what happened last time.  Also I don't want to hear, "You're pregnant again?"  Yes, Doc, I'm pregnant. That happens when you love life, kids, and everything to do with family.  I really need to get it confirmed too.  I took 2 tests and have all the signs up pregnancy. Sometimes I think it's all my imagination but then I'm reminded when things hurt.  Like my uterus when I stand up too fast or when I sneeze and it pulls a muscle every single time.  That kinds of stuff only happen when I'm pregnant.  I usually don't breathe a sigh of relief till my first appointment though.  Better find a doctor soon.

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Karen said...

Go find a doctor (or midwife)! :-) And if you don't like that one, try another have 7 more months to find one that you trust to deliver your precious baby!

sunnylattegma said...



Jessi said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Unknown said...

Hi there! I am a new reader, from Zsu Zsu's blog and check your blog often. You are an inspiration!!!

I am 10 weeks pregnant and had a sonogram at 7 weeks to confirm my due date. I had SO MANY doubts about this pregnancy being real and so seeing the lil' peanut and knowing there was a heartbeat was an incredibly amazing relief.

Praying for you!! I do have a blog on which I post updates and my life as a mom with two little ones (hoping for many more, Lord willing) that is private so if you want an invite let me know!

Love you blog and congratulations again!

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Sally! Sure, I'd love to see your blog. Just send an invite to and I'll check it out. ;)