Monday, October 17, 2011

This Family Loves Adventure

On Friday we had an adventurous day at the zoo.  Of course we took along a friend for the kids because on our membership we can have up to 14 kids.  :)  We can't waste it!  It's funny because throughout the day I would count the kids and saying, "Seven?  That's it?"  My husband would have to remind me that we only have six kids and one is a friend.  So yeah, for some reason lately I keep thinking I'm missing someone.  This has been happening a lot lately.  It must be from always taking extra kids with us when we go places.

We go to the zoo about twice a month throughout the year, sometimes more, but we never get sick of it.  It's not just the animals but the atmosphere, walking together, exploring, doing something different each time.  We always have a picnic every time.

We let Kyle and Ivy bring their bike since it's allowed here.  I think we gonna have to get everyone a bike this year just so that we can all bike ride.  Would be fantastic!

An unconventional way to climb a tree but this works!  Haha.  Georgie on the right took a flying leap.

I love this picture of the boys.  I'm thinking about getting it made really big if it's good enough quality and putting it in the homeschool room.

My boys just really doubt their abilities and question themselves a lot.  This should be a poster size.

After we had a picnic, saw the animals, rode bikes, we headed to the hill behind the zoo and decided it was time to show our kids the fun little cave.  It was so easy to hike, thank goodness, and I wasn't so fearful about a kid falling off.  I really did refuse to take them till I was confident they were obedient enough to stay away from the edge as I asked.  It was actually really relaxing and the kids did really well.

Charles with the kids just relaxing and enjoying the view!  There were so many little pits and felt like a easy chair to sit in.  Was pretty cool.

Panoramic view of left side of cave

Panoramic of right side of cave

This is such a neat picture of the boys checking out the sunset.  From left, Chaz, friend Georgie, Kyle, and Ryan.

Georgie is such a good boy and always easy to take along to family outings.  We actually kept him an extra day longer until church Sunday morning.  

Watching the sunset looking towards downtown.  Was beautiful! 

On the way down from the caves Ivy was singing a song to Jesus.  It was so cute so I recorded it on my camera while we were walking.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ahhh. So glad you still have all this energy. Doesn't look like you are down at all! Take care of yourself and I'd love to see your homeschool room when you get your poster all done. It needs a motivational saying, too. :)