Friday, October 07, 2011

Thank Goodness for Modern Medicine: Getting RhoGAM Shot

Finally I get to blog.  :)  Yay!  It's been a crazy week.  I easily have stuff to blog about every single day so when I get behind I feel like there is so much to catch up on.  

Well, a few days ago I started cramping and having some bleeding.  I am still trying to get in with my specialist doctor so I hadn't been able to get seen for my pregnancy.  That is so frustrating.  Especially since I was worried and really need to talk with a doctor.  After 3 days of worry and major soreness I just went in to the ER.  They took some tests, gave me an IV (kind of like the picture on the left. Almost) and gave me an ultrasound.  Soooooooo cute!  It's amazing how much you can see at only 7 weeks.  I saw arms, legs, and a heartbeat.  So beautiful.  I'm just amazed at how quickly the baby develops.  They wouldn't give me a picture, I was bummed about that, but they did say I could go and ask for my medical records and get it that way.  Well, after all that they said the problem might be that I need a RhoGAM shot.  I have to have one with every pregnancy since I have negative blood type and my husband has positive.  This could be the cause of the bleeding.  That shot HURTS LIKE CRAZY.  My 10 year old son Ryan was with me and kept bringing me water and warm blankets.  He's such a sweetie.

What baby looks like at 8 weeks
While waiting to get an ultrasound my bladder was really starting to get full.  They weren't telling me what they were gonna do and because I've been through this so many times I knew not to go potty.  Well, I couldn't stand it so I went to the restroom and just tried to go what I though was halfway.  As soon as I got back to my room they asked for a urine sample. What?  I just went! Well, good thing I didn't completely go.  So I gave them a urine sample but still knew not to go completely.  I get back and they say, "Uh oh, we need to give you an ultrasound and you just went potty."  Uh yeah, I went a lot but believe it or not I still really had to go.  They really doubted it since I just went twice.  They did a bladder scan and said, "Oh, my you are full."  So off we went.  I wondered how much I could see in the ultrasound so I was really surprised. God makes miracles.  :)  She said the baby measures at 8 weeks instead of 7 weeks. That's very possible since I ovulated a week earlier than I was supposed to.  

Ryan and I didn't get home till around 12:30am.  I'm feeling a lot better today after the shot and not crampy or bleeding anymore.  Just really tired.  The kids are in their one day a week school and my husband will be picking them up since they are forcing me to take it easy next few days.  Take it easy? Do you know how fast my house falls apart when I take it easy?  Ha.  As much as I've trained these kiddos to pick up after themselves you would think otherwise. I do hope they catch on one of these days but please let it be before they turn 18.  I would like to see the fruits of it someday soon.  I have another party at my house on Monday so I really need to get this place back in shape.  Goodness.  Lord, please give me strength because lately I just seem to be super tired.


Unknown said...

Aww! Praying for you!!! Glad you saw baby was fine and doing is SO incredible what a baby looks like at such an early stage in pregnancy. By the way, I just sent you an invite to my blog. Hope you are encouraged and are blessed. :)

Chris H said...

Good to know everything is going well... even if you did have to get a nasty needle.

Mom said...

Isn't it amazing that we have all of this medical technology today. Just think of what must have happended to families before that shot was invented. Cool! Hope you are feeling better soon. :-) I can't believe Caleb is 2--I started reading your blog when you pregnant with him and had all of your wisdom teeth out.