Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Perks to Eating Outside When Dining Out with Kids

1.  I love how we don't have to worry about inside voices.  The more people you have in your party, the more noise there is.  When you dine on the patio of a restaurant, you don't have to keep saying "shhhh" every minute.  Then there is the other side of the coin. Sometimes it's so loud in a restaurant you have to yell to hear each other. It can be very unromantic.  
"Hey baby, I love how your shirt looks on you tonight."
"What?  You think I'm acting like a jerk tonight?!"  
See what I mean?  
2. If a kid falls off a chair you don't have all the stares from the tables of people around you. Outdoors and kids falling just seem to go together so no one really notices.
3. Less claustrophobic.  There is way more space, air to breathe, and the only thing you have to worry about is earth's gravity ceasing to exist.  
4. If a kid farts, it just doesn't seem as rude.  Plus, the smell goes away quickly.
5. It's so romantic under the stars and especially when they've included a fireplace and music.  Sigh.  

The band was set up under that white
canopy in the background
Ashley coloring her kids menu
The other night my husband took me out (with 6 kids in tow) on a date.  We went to an outside mall.  That wasn't my first choice.  I wanted to go camping by a lake but his city ways made him suggest an outdoors mall instead.  Okay, not NEARLY the same as being by the lake but I'll take it. Heh heh.

We went inside of California Pizza Kitchen and waited about 15 minutes for a table.  It was completely packed!  The restaurant was super loud and people crammed too close together.  Charles and I were not too excited about that so we jumped at the opportunity to sit on the patio where we could see all the shops around us and people walking by.  Way more interesting.  

After we were sat down outside we begin looking around at the scenery and it was so romantic.  The trees were laced with pretty white lights, a band had just started to play in the background, and there was a gentle wind blowing ever so slightly.  It was just awesome.  The kids were more relaxed and less bored.  The band wasn't loud since it was at somewhat of a distance.  We had such a good time and the waitress commented on how good they were.  We had such a good time.

As we walked by the outdoor shops I spotted Motherhood.  I love and hate that store for how beautiful their clothes are but their crazy prices.  After looking at some of the pants offered and high prices I decided on just getting The Tummy Sleeve.  It makes it to where you can wear all your non maternity pants, shorts, and skirts even while pregnant.  You just keep the zipper down and then place The Tummy Sleeve over it to hide it.  Then you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and afterwards!  Even for postpartum.  This is gonna save me some big bucks because I won't have to purchase any new pants or church skirts.  

Anyway, what a great night out!  Every woman has just gotta have it.  When you're inside all the time cleaning, homeschooling, cooking, etc... it feels so good to just get out and do some exploring.  Even thought I didn't get my lake and camping, I'll take the wildness of outdoor malls and patios. Tee hee.

*Even without homeschool, we women still need our breaks.

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Rebecca said...

I am very anti motherhood maternity. I was 20/21 when I was pregnant with my Daughter. I hadn't planned on being a single Mother and I couldn't help it that I looked super young either. I walked in there with 2 grand in my pocket to get what I needed and no one would assist me. Since it was my first baby I had no idea what I was doing. They helped another woman who couldn't decide on anything and then another lady who came in after me because they looked like they would spend more. I even asked them what was up when they ignored me a 3rd time and they told me I couldn't afford their store. I learned that motherhood wasn't the only store to sell maternity after that. How I wished they had those belly band things back then!

Virginia Revoir said...

That's crazy, Rebecca! I can't believe they treated you like that. :(