Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Newer and Easier Chore List On Trial

Today was one of those really good days.  I didn't get a lot of sleep but some reason it was fine this time.  I got up, made Cinnamon Streusel muffins for my family, spent some fun time with them, and then started a new project.  This one I was dreading a little.  I like things to be very simple otherwise I won't stick with it.  When I find something that works, its hard for me to change it. However, after a meeting with the family, this is what they all wanted:

I already had a somewhat comfortable chore system set in place.  However, the kids quickly forgot their chores so I did some study work.  I did a search online and got an idea of what parents do with their kids as far as chores go.  In some of the Duggar videos I noticed that the kids just have one room they are responsible for.  Sounded so simple!  I decided to give it a whirl and use their new chorepack cards I had purchased.  However, I am not completely following their system ( of making the cards. I didn't want to be changing out their cards all the time so I just listed everyone they have to do in one day on a card.  Then, I clip it to their clothes until they have finished it all.  That way, throughout the day they can just look at their card and see what needs to get done.  

The boys of course can read so theirs was written out.  Thank goodness. I couldn't of fit tons of pictures on those.

The girls can't read so theirs was done in pictures which is so cute!  Haha.  The are hung up on some pretty strong magnets for now on our garage door in our dining room till I can get something made for it.  

This is an overview put up in several spots around our house.  We constantly have to change things around with our growing family or when we see things that just aren't working out.  By the way, we are NOT early birds because we all goof off later into the evening so I don't put pressure on them to get up early.  I wasn't that way growing up either.  My family loved fellowships and often it went late into the evening.  We loved it!

So that was my huge Before Noon accomplishment.  We had to have a family meeting and figure all this stuff out.  The kids love the simplicity and so do I.  

Next we homeschooled as usual.  It's not so easy for Chaz because he always panics when things get too tough.  I usually have to peel him off the floor like his previous teachers had to, sit him back down in his chair, and tell him he can do it.  He usually tries to tell me things like, "I can't do it.  I've never learned that before, etc."  Really?  You can do simple subtraction?  Um, didn't you learn that in first grade?  (He's in 5th grade).  After I push and prod him he EASILY shows me how he can subtract and borrow.  He's such a stinker.  :)  Ivy loves to homeschool and work in her workbooks.  Ashley says she's her helper by holding the crayon box.  Heh heh.  As long as Ashley feels like she's a part of something or helping out, she is happy.  You can always figure out which one is Ashley in the picture because she's always in costume with a crown on her head.  She has to be princessy all the time.  In the picture Ivy is working on her Math workbook.  

Today was a GREAT day with very little morning sickness and exhaustion.  I put tons of laundry away after our list was accomplished.  Because I'm afraid this is a one time thing, I'm gonna go do some more cleaning RIGHT NOW before I go to bed.  Yeehaw!


mamamia said...

As a mum with lots of kids, I'm always on the lookout for a different approach that just MAY work with my crew, lol!

Looks promising, please put an update in a week or two about how it goes, ta!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

What else would you want for the garage door? As it is, if needed, the kids can pull the clip down and go about the house to do their chores, and then put it back when done!

Chris H said...

I had a big whiteboard with all the chores on it and each child had to choose two a day.
There was also a big board with 'monthly to do's ' on it too!

It makes life so much easier to have everyone helping.