Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Courageous the Movie: Honor Begins at Home (Review)

We don't hit up theatres very often but today we did.  We wanted to support the movie Courageous that came out.  Not only to send a message that we are willing to pay for clean, family, Christian movies, but that we want more of them.  There is SOOOO much filth out there it's just sad.  Normally I would just wait for a Christian movie to come out on DVD or watch it in church but I knew numbers was important.  Sending a message to the box office that people will go to these kinds of films.  It's funny how people tell Christians to be quiet and they shouldn't offend others but it goes both ways.  I am offended when I go out and stuff comes from every angle.  We can't go into a mall without having to warn the boys constantly to not look at the windows of some of the stores.  Soft porn is thrown at my kids at what is supposed to be a safe place for families.  If you go in many stores or even eat at the food court you have to endure the big screens of dancers or even just the sound of filthy music.  Wherever we go in the food court my kids see these videos where women are prancing around in almost nude costumes.  So, don't be afraid to share your faith. The world may want to shut the Christians up but we don't have to go quietly.  This is a HUGE reason I wanted to support Courageous.

We were at the mall and I said, "Hey babe, there is this Christian movie that just came out.  Do you want to see it with us?"  He said yes.  ;)  I was excited that the Duggars played a small part in the movie and that it was for fathers.  We laughed and cried through the whole movie.  We brought all six kids, ages 2-11, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Charles absolutely loved the movie.

Courageous is about not just being a "good enough" dad but being an extraordinary dad.  Someone that is more than just a breadwinner or someone that is just around.  A dad that is there spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Someone who won't just spend time with their kids in their own realm, but in their kids' where they can better connect.  Kids know when we're all talk.  If they see us one way at church but living another way at home, they are gonna think Christianity is a joke.  If they see us talk about forgiveness but we can't even get over the fact that someone said something bad about us, they are gonna follow our example.  If we talk about morality but sit them in front of movies that violate morals in the bible, who do you think they are gonna follow?    I don't know, Hollywood can paint a pretty picture of sin.  Kids aren't dumb when they are sent to bed and mommy and daddy are watching morally questionable content on TV.  Blasphemy, murder, and fornication seem to be a common theme for most movies from Hollyweird.

If we were to go back to the start of television and films, I don't think we could imagine it would go this far.  It used to be that you couldn't even show a couple sleeping in the same room.  Then it moved to double beds.  Then a single bed.  Now sex right in front of the cameras and pushed into every person's home.  They push the envelope and see how far they can go.  If you put a frog in a pot of cold water they won't jump out.  Slowly turn up the heat and their body temperature will adjust.  You could keep turning it up ever so slightly and they won't even notice they are slowly being cooked alive.  That's what has happened to us.  

God, please help me to not only teach my children what is morally right but to live it in my own by what I listen to, watch, and say.  I don't want my kids to take the bible lightly.  To think it's just an old book with old ideas.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  The morals He put in scriptures are the same morals we should have today.  Even in this generation.  It's not called old fashioned.  It's called living a holy and acceptable life before God, our children, and everyone around us.

Please, please, please take your husbands, brothers, dads out to see this movie.  It'll touch their heart.

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The Trendy Boutique said...

My friends just told me about this movie last night and gave it a rave review. I plan to see it with my family :)