Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Shopping and Store Hopping

Oh, what an exhausting day.  It's was a good day, just very tiring.  I always forget my limitations being pregnant.  My husband said I'm the energizer bunny but then when I get pregnant I have the energy of a normal person.  Maybe, I don't know....

This morning I ran around with a friend looking for Halloween costumes.  We do go trick or treating with our kids and have costumes but we don't allow them to dress in demonic clothing in any way.  It's just a day we dress up and get candy.  It's the only day of the year we can all dress up and knock on people's door for candy.  Any other day of the year they would call the cops on us so Halloween is our excuse.  Tee hee.  Anyway, we first went to a regular halloween store and it about made me choke because it was really expensive.  I already ordered Ryan's online because it was on sale and had free shipping.  I used a 25% off coupon for Kyle's at the halloween store but we just couldn't find anything else that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Does anyone else notice that halloween stuff is way overpriced AND poor quality?  Then we head to a thrift shop and it was like we walked into savings heaven.  Tons and tons of new and used costumes.  I ignored the new ones because they were still expensive and found the rest of the costumes for my kids for about $5 a piece.

My friend and I took all 9 kids to run around at McDonalds and try to get their energy out but it did not work at all.  Haha.  I babysat the rest them the rest of the day but had to head out later to the store eventually.  I left my poor husband on his week off with 9 kids but we sorely needed groceries so I had to go.   :(

Sooooo cool......
I originally went to my favorite Fry's because it's right next to my house and it's just gorgeous. Right away though I noticed the bully girl was working the checkout lane so I walked right back out the door and went to another one two miles down the road. It took about 2 hours but finally walked out with a good savings from all the coupons.  This time I had to buy a lot easier stuff to make because my energy level is soooo shot right now.  I've never claimed to be Miss Suzy Homemaker so that's fine with me.  :D  I think we'll all survive for a bit.  Anyway, as I walked with my 2 carts to my car, would you guess who parked right next to me?  The bully girl from the other Fry's!  I guess after she got off work she headed over to the Fry's I was at and was shopping at the same time.  Plus, she walked out the same time and loaded up. That was very awkward.  Especially since things didn't go to well with corporate for her.

Sigh. I hate having to avoid my favorite places. Why do people have to be so mean?  There is just no time in this world for ugly fights and picking on differences. It happens but I don't want to be a cause of it.
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