Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tornadoes Live in This House

Man, what a difference that RhoGAM shot made!  My stomach, or uterus I should say, was hurting every single day.  I feel so much more healthy and not in pain anymore.  Yes!  I'm sure this also means I don't have to lay around as much as that is super hard for me.  I'm still not allowed to be my crazy hyper self the doctor said. Whatever that means.  She also said that's why I run out of milk so early while breastfeeding.  I don't know how to slow down.  Well, what do you say to that?  I love life and don't have time to waste just sitting and watching TV.  There is so much to explore, learn, play, discover.

The weather is finally cooling down which means we can spend more days outdoors. We just renewed our zoo membership and we'll definitely be going there at least twice a month since the heat won't be so horrid.  It's just downright beautiful and we're really hoping it stays this way.  We pretty much let our backyard go in the summer because it's hard to keep anything alive. Once it gets cool like this we can plant a vegetable garden again.  Super excited about that!  I really, really miss our garden.  Another desire I've always had is to let the chickens roam free in our yard but because of my dogs we can't.  I hate that they only have one part of our yard.  It's just so cute to have kids playing around them.  They love to go on their own egg hunt every day, wash them, and put them in the fridge.  It's just super cool.  

Well, now that I'm feeling better I can finally get this house back into shape.  It's bad.  That's what happens if momma is down and out.  It's like inviting a tornado to come and visit.


Chris H said...

I am very lucky, on the rare ocassion I have been ill and in hospital Stew has made sure my house stayed tidy! He knew it would stress me out if I came home to an untidy house! He knows me so well.
I hope you get your home back in order without overdoing it.

Unknown said...

I hear ya. :) With my morning sickness that I am going through right now my house looks awful most days. Embarrassing. But, I too am hoping to get things in better shape soon but am not in a hurry right now. Ha ha. Good to see you are feeling better!! That does make quite a difference.