Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Morning Sickness Begins

The morning sickness has kicked in and I'm finally starting to lose my appetite. That MIGHT be a good thing since I've been eating everything in site.  My husband's eyes get wide when I tell him I'm hungry again.  He's so nice about it too. I still haven't went to see a doctor because I'm really dreading it after my last experience. All my old doctors have either retired early or moved off somewhere far.  Finding a new doctor is just a pain and I'll only have my babies at a certain hospital.  I'm just avoiding it all again like I did last time.  :(  I still have time since I'm only 8 weeks pregnant.  Blah, just feel so yucky.  I made my beloved cup of coffee this morning like I always do but I just stared at it since I couldn't actually drink it.  It just made my stomach do flip flops.

So this is how I've always known whether I'm having a boy or girl.  When I was pregnant with my boys I would only have morning sickness in the morning and the rest of the day was great.  Once I hit the 2nd trimester I never dealt with it again.  With my girls I was sick all day long and it didn't get better till I delivered the baby at the end of 9 months.  So, we shall see how this one is.  So far I've been sick all day but off and on.  But since I'm just starting out I can't tell yet.  Who knows, maybe this one will break the chain and surprise us.  It's funny how it's different for everyone.  Boy=sick in the morning.  Girl=sick all day.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we did absolutely nothing since I had a migraine and was sick all day in bed.  He even went to the store and brought home a rose.  I felt soooo bad since it was his birthday.  :(  He told me it was okay because he didn't feel like doing anything and just wanted to relax all day since he can't ever do that.  He has the whole week off so we will go somewhere today instead. He truly is a sweetheart and has a giant heart.  I would never have so many kids if he didn't have such a big heart.  Seriously, I've seen some guys that can just be so disconnected or cold.  With Charles he makes it possible and a joy to have a family.  I picked a winnner. Yeehaw!

Lucky, lucky for me.

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Unknown said...

Oh dear...I know how you feel. :) Bleah. Hope you are feeling better soon! It stinks not being able to do anything. :( Praying for you!!!!

Rebecca said...

Hopefully the morning sickness passes soon and you get whatever gender you want. You are very lucky to have the husband that you do but you both seem blessed with one another :)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I saw that Charles had a birthday but I must have logged on at odd times because I thought he had three birthdays in a row. Do you know anyone who changes their fb birthday thing all the time? I do. Some people have birthdays every day and some people NEVER get older. :)

I'm glad you are doing well and you know usually you are running all over the place and maybe Charles really DOES like that day resting at home. I hope you are able to find a good specialist, someone who knows their stuff and is supportive of large families.