Friday, October 14, 2011

Watch Out for the Crazy Pregnant Lady

My husband gives me grace
this I know
for his raised eyebrows and smile
tell me so....

Thank goodness my husband has such a big heart and is so understanding when I am pregnant.  I don't see it (maybe) but he says I get offended a lot easier and tend to think he's upset with me a lot.  He's really not, I just get jumpy about everything.  I usually need lots and lots of hugs from him and just want to sit next to him and hold his hand more.  Even if we are both just quiet, it's a sweet reassurance.  But no matter how I feel I don't ever want my home to be a place my husband is scared to come home to.  Home should be a place of refuge.  Some place he looks forward to coming home to.  Pregnancy is not an excuse to make everyone uncomfortable around me.  I may have to apologize more than usual but I'll never make pregnancy an excuse.

Every time a big change happens in my life, my house always falls apart. Especially in pregnancy times.  I don't have the same energy, I'm grossed about by cleaning the kitchen, and I don't have as much tolerance having a ton of kids at my house.  Well, not talking about my own.  Haha.  I mean, since I don't have all that energy, just keeping up with my regular duties is a challenge.  Usually we have extra kids at our house from church or just neighbor kids.  But lately, I just need so much more down time than normal.  Since becoming pregnant, just keeping the house in a somewhat clean state is a major challenge.  I'm sure this will pass since the 2nd trimester always gives me my energy back.  Goodness gracious!  :)  

You know, in whatever stage of life I'm in I've learned not to wish for time to pass or wish for a stage of my life to wisk by.  It WILL. Even in the hardest days, good things can come from it.  Even if it's my little girl seeing my tears and walking up to kiss me on my cheek. Even if I look around me and sigh because the kids made a HUGE mess in the house and I don't have the energy to deal with it... hearing my son Caleb say a new word makes me smile.  Or walking out to the mailbox and with a twinge of sadness seeing there is nothing in it, I tell myself "Well, that means no bills! Whoo hoo!."  Yeah, the backyard isn't a dream, looks like crud and has no grass.  My kids think it's pretty darn awesome  and you can tell by all the footprints of little ones running and playing in the dirt.  Sure there are lots of dishes to clean, but thank goodness I had food to put on them.  Not all of life has to be about disappointments and frustrations.  Sure bad things happen.  10% is what happens to us and 90% is how we respond to it.

Speaking of pregnancy and crazy ladies....

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