Friday, June 16, 2006

Toy Passed Down

This is so cute. My mom and dad got this walking dog for Chaz when he was a baby for Christmas. At first you can hook it on the crib because it's got fun stuff to play with. When Chaz started to get to where he could stand while holding on something, we used this to teach him how to walk. On carpet, it'll go slowly and he would walk with it. Well, it taught him incredibly fast since he was walking by 10 months. So we used this with all of our boys and soon after they used it, they were walking also. Because it moves slowly, it makes them move their feet little by little. So now that Ivy can stand, she's just started to use it. She will walk across the room with it. She loves it! You can tell it's a little aged now because the toy is 6 years old. But it works great! Ivy is a little behind because I would never put her on the floor being that the boys would run around. I didn't want her to get run over. So she started crawling late. We didn't mind! Now that she crawls, she's into everything! Makes it so much harder to make sure the boys don't leave coins on the floor and stuff.

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Addie said...

I LOVE being able to reuse things! I had to get a new excersaucer...I liked the older one much better. I had to get a new high chair...I liked the old one better.

Ivy is awfully cute! I bet she's the apple of all her older brothers eyes. :-)