Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fun in the Sun

My best friend Brianne treated me to Mimi's Cafe and then we headed off to the waterpark together. What a blast! We rode all the rides but one. I was sooo scared of one. Brianne thought I was a big chicken. It's the sidewinder (you can see it from the freeway). After I saw some grown men scream, I knew I couldn't handle it. Especially when I saw a girl's head whip back. I turned around and walked away. No way. Now how. We rode all the other rides and then basked in the sun at the wave pool. It was awesome. Just her and I talking without any distractions. After being at the water park, we started a contest between her and I. I will tell about it later. That's for another blog entry! Anyhow, it was a great day. After that I snuck over to the mall to buy Charles his Father's Day gift at American Eagle and some sunglasses. Now, I gotta hide it away for tomorrow! (And spoil him rotten. That means that tomorrow he can sleep as late as he can before church and just get served all day. No obligations. No worries. Just spoiled rotten!) Hee, hee..

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