Friday, June 16, 2006

Missed the Plane

My poor mom just called me from the airport. My mom had to take a cab real early this morning to catch her flight so she can be at her dad's funeral. She's gone through so much as it is and for this to happen, it just tops the cake. You know how when you go through security at the airport and they randomly stop people to go through their stuff? Well, my mom was one of them. They calmly were going through all her stuff like they are supposed to, but my mom kept telling them she's gonna miss her flight. They never bothered to call up and let them know she's on her way up. She rushed to make it. The plane was still there but they told her she's too late and they won't open the doors. She cried and cried because she said they were so cold about it even though they told her she'll miss her dad's funeral if she doesn't get on. She called me from the airport devastated. She was supposed to speak and sing at the funeral. They told my mom the night before what time she would have to be at the airport to make it and she got their on time so she can't believe she missed her flight. To make it worse, she hears the workers making smart remarks. The good news is my uncle, Roger, is gonna step up in her place and share how his dad received Jesus in his heart before he died. He's gonna speak about his dad also like my mom was going to so my mom feels better about that. The same time my mom was at the airport, pastor and some people from our church was their also going on an outreach. My dads coming to the airport to take my mom back home.

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