Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fun Step Class

Okay, today I was extremely sore but I was determined to make it to my Step Class at the YMCA. The instructor told me that it was okay if I didn't get the steps down. Some people it takes a while, another lady told me it took her 4 months to get it down. They turned up the music and it was fun! I got all the steps down right away and we went at it for an hour. Now that's the way to do some cardio! The instructor asked me what made me decide to take the class. I told her "boredom". I said that doing the ski machine for an hour is not exactly exciting. I wanted something more fun and interesting. It was a great workout and we all had fun so that's a definite keeper. The instructor was funny so that was even better. When we were all done and we had worked up a serious sweat, I said, "Anyone up for a Big Mac?" Everyone looked shocked and then we all laughed. LOL!

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Iccle One said...

Glad that you found a class that you enjoy.